Vegetable Oil Making Biodiesel Machine

Vegetable oil making biodiesel machine Product: ASTM D 6751or EN14214 standard biodiesel The byproduct in biodiesel production plant Glycerol, plant asphalt...

Vegetable oil making biodiesel machine

Product:  ASTM D 6751or EN14214 standard biodiesel

The byproduct in biodiesel production plant

Glycerol, plant asphalt. 

Biodiesel is a kind of biomass energy can be widely used in life, military and other fields of emerging energy, is a good alternative for petrochemical diesel.


1.As biofuel

(1)Vehicular use

Privide energy to vehicles

(2) As a heating oil

Biodiesel can be used as a heating fuel in domestic and commercial boilers, a mix of heating oil and biofuel which is standardized and taxed slightly differently from diesel fuel used for transportation.

(3) Biodiesel in generators

By using B100, these generators were able to essentially eliminate the by-products that result in smog and sulfur emissions.The use of these generators in residential areas around schools, hospitals results in substantial reduction in poisonous carbon monoxide and particulate matter.

(4) Railway usage

bio-diesel is used in Railways' Diesel Engines.

(5)Aircraft use

 2.As chemical intermediate

Nearly half of the methyl esters prepared are used to manufacture fatty alcohols



Agricultural chemicals





Pharmaceutical products

3.Main  technology and equipment:

Chemical technology in biodiesel making plant and only need thress steps in biodiesel production.

1. pretreatment


3.methyl ester distillation

The common use auxiliary material in biodiesel production are methanol, phosphoric acid, caustic soda

Technology and equipment advantages:

1.Cluster continuous reaction device, with unit power consumption reduced by more than 60%, and finished product yield increased by over 8%.

2.Methanol gas phase reaction recovery coupling technology, with unit energy consumption reduced by over 20% .

3.Flash distillation coupling technology, product yield stability, product quality。

4.Multi-stage fractionation combination tower, increasing product variety and the market adaptability.

5.Heat exchange network global optimization technology, efficient, comprehensive recycling waste of high and low heat.It can save more than 10%

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