Shea Butter Refining Machine

1. Less oil loss and higher oil refining ratio. 2. No waste water discharged. 3. More FFA distilled out. 4. More suitable for oils of high acid value and low gum content....

The pressed shea butter which contains water, mechanical impurities, fat-soluble impurities, peptizing impurities, trace impurities, etc. Refining refers to remove the impurities in crude oil, to get a good quality of the first class of oil. The processing flow include degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization.The four processing sections can product the first grade oil. We adopt physical refining or chemical refining technology flexibly according to different oil quality so as to make refined oil reach the best quality at the lowest cost. Refining line capacity:50kg-500tons per day

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