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  • waste rubber pyrolysis oil plant | asia-pacific energy

    Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Oil Plant | ASIA-Pacific Energy

    The applicable raw material of waste rubber pyrolysis oil plant: waste tire, waste plastics, waste rubber, waste PMMA, municipal solid waste, medical waste, oil shale etc.

  • municipal solid waste processing equipment | asia-pacific…

    Municipal Solid Waste Processing Equipment | ASIA-Pacific…

    1. Main pyrolysis furnace (patent number: ZL 2012 1 0206913.X): this pyrolysis furnace can be used for pyrolysis of waste tire, waste plastics, waste rubber, waste PMMA and some other materials.

  • purox pyrolysis process: topics by

    purox pyrolysis process: Topics by

    Highlights: • The continuous pyrolysis of waste tire has been demonstrated at pilot scale in an auger reactor. • More than 500 kg of waste tires were processed in 100 operational hours. • The yields and characteristics of the pyrolysis…

  • tire chains: topics by

    tire chains: Topics by

    Cryopolymers, Inc. tapped NASA expertise to improve a process for recycling vehicle tires by converting shredded rubber into products that can be used in asphalt road beds, new tires, hoses, and other products.

  • scale expanded bed: topics by

    scale expanded bed: Topics by

    The characterisation and testing of small (20-40 mum) high density (>3.7 g cm(-3)) pellicular expanded bed materials functionalised with various anion exchange structures is presented.

  • dewatering and drying in mineral | clothes dryer | coal

    Dewatering and Drying in Mineral | Clothes Dryer | Coal

    Often the capacity requirements of the mining possible new concepts that may be applicable in the operations are very large, the product processed has low unit value, minerals industry.