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  • multi purpose oil recovery vessel for fighting oil spills

    Multi Purpose Oil Recovery Vessel for fighting oil spills

    The Damen Multi Purpose Vessels are designed to execute a great extent of coast guard duties, fishery control, fire fighting, rescue, oil recovery, salvage.

  • damen oil recovery vessel: rapid response & effective oil recovery

    Damen Oil Recovery Vessel: rapid response & effective oil recovery

    Oil Spill Response Vessel 1050 has a design tailor-made to meet Petrobras demanding RAPID RESPONSE AND EFFECTIVE OIL RECOVERY anti-roll tanks ensure that the best possible sea-keeping behaviour is achieved at all times. We know Damen quality means that our vessels have a premium re-sale value.

  • osrgroup - complete oil recovery package - norwep

    OSRgroup - Complete Oil Recovery Package - NORWEP

    NOFO STANDARD Requirements for oil recovery Operate one vessel as tyrerecyclingplants vessel/PSV/AHTS/ROV and at same time OSR . High quality level on staff

  • oil recovery systems - mobimar

    Oil recovery systems - Mobimar

    In this method an oil recovery vessel is equipped with Mobimar FinnSweep™ integrated brush oil skimmer system. containing oil containment booms and

  • oil recovery and offshore oil field support - mobimar

    Oil Recovery and Offshore Oil Field Support - Mobimar

    When Mobimars Oil Recovery vessels are optimally positioned, the oil spill can be and Floating Inflatable Tanks (FIT) to the oil accident scene at high speed.

  • (i-1-9) oil recovery vessels

    (I-1-9) Oil Recovery Vessels

    These Rules apply to seagoing and inland waterway steel vessels with and without their own means of propulsion which are intended for service in the event of

  • oil recovery ships : seiryu maru | mitsubishi heavy industries

    Oil Recovery Ships : SEIRYU MARU | Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

    Gross Tonnage, 4,792 t. Length, tyrerecyclingplants m. Breadth, tyrerecyclingplants m. Speed, 12 knots. Dredging Pump, 8,000 m3/h. Cyclonet Oil Skimmers, 2. Skipper Type Oil Recovery

  • network of stand-by oil spill response vessels  - emsa - europa

    Network of Stand-by Oil Spill Response Vessels - EMSA - EUROPA

    cargo and utilise high capacity pumps in order to Oil recovery operations on board an EMSA vessel To maintain the quality of the at-sea oil recovery service

  • code of practice for vessels engaged in oil recovery operations

    Code of Practice for Vessels Engaged in Oil Recovery Operations

    12) Details of Portable Equipment carried for use in oil recovery operations. 3) Spill barriers of at least tyrerecyclingplants high are to be provided to prevent oil spills from

  • one-stop-shop for oil spill response - framo

    One-stop-shop for oil spill response - Framo

    (Oil Spill Recovery Vessel) Group to offer a comprehensive oil spill response for the full package of Norwegian-manufactured, high-quality equipment.