Flaxseed Oil Turnkey Project

Flaxseed harvesting, screening → flaxseed → cleaning up impurities → shelling → crushing → frying → pressing flaxseed oil → coarse filtration → filtration → degumming → washing → dehydration → ble...

Processing capacity: 1-100TPD flaxseed

Technology: cold press, hot press, solvent extraction

Final product: cold pressed flaxseed oil or refining flaxseed oil

Techology introduction:

1. Hot pressing

1, can increase the oil yield, improve the taste of oil, rich flavor.

2, easily lead to high temperature oxidative polymerization, decomposition of peroxide and some harmful substances, destruction of species of nutrients.

3, high temperature caused by protein denaturation, greatly reducing the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in flaxseed oil, and even produce trans fatty acids.

4, more impurities, such as flaxseed dander, phospholipids, free fatty acids, etc., affect the appearance of oil color and the inherent quality of oil.

Advantages: rich linseed oil taste mellow, a higher rate of oil.

2. Cold pressing

Cold pressing process features:

  1. to avoid the high-temperature pressing in the degradation of lipids, carbohydrates and protein degeneration caused by harmful substances.
  2. to avoid the high temperature caused flaxseed oil color becomes dark, there is the phenomenon of paste smell.
  3. After multiple filtration, it avoids the direct contact and secondary pollution of the chemical substances caused by sulfuric acid degumming, caustic soda deacidification and activated clay decolorization process in the hot pressing process.
  4. to avoid high temperature distillation deodorant, effectively prevent high temperature on linseed oil polyunsaturated fatty acid - α-linolenic acid damage, effective retention of natural complete nutrients, more easily absorbed by the body and nutritional supplements.
  5. Advantages: retains almost all of the linseed nutrients, fresh and not greasy taste, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Lingfine company can provide both flaxseed cold press and hot press and flaxseed oil refining machines for you.

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