Continuous crude cooking oil solvent extraction machine

1. process capacity: suitable for 30-500tons per day 2. All kind of oil seeds cake...

Advantages of continuous cooking oil solvent extraction machine: (1) The oil production efficiency is high; the residue oil rate in meal is less than 1%, and the high quality of meal is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of meal. (2) Easy to achieve mass production and production automation. (3) The whole production line takes closed processing with low operating temperature,and good production environment. (4) Suitable for all kinds of oil crops extraction. Continuous crude cooking oil solvent extraction machine Process flow: The processes involved in the leaching process of the main vegetable oils include Oil extraction, wet meal desolventizing, mixed oil evaporation and stripping, and tail gas recovery. Continuous extractor------Rotocel extractor, Loop type extractor, Crawler type extractor.

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