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  • brands | storm

    Brands | Storm

    Lighter than a typical body butter, longer lasting than a moisturizer, our formulation has a high percentage of Jojoba Oil which is not technically an oil, instead it is a polyunsaturated liquid wax which is similar to Sebum.

  • cardamom products | indigo herbs

    Cardamom Products | Indigo Herbs

    Buy Cardamon Products from Indigo Herbs - Cardamom Pods - Cardamom Tincture - Cardamom Essential Oil 100% solvent free - Cardamom Tea - Yogi Tea Organic Stomach Ease Tea. Free delivery on orders over £45.

  • marigold products | indigo herbs

    Marigold Products | Indigo Herbs

    Buy Marigold Products from Indigo Herbs - Marigold Flower Tea - Marigold Tincture - Marigold Infused Oil - Marigold Ointment - Marigold Capsules - Marigold Cream - Marigold Shampoo and Body Wash - premium quality pharmacoepial grade herbs.

  • indigo botanicals - destress & unwind aromatherapy blends

    Indigo Botanicals - Destress & Unwind Aromatherapy Blends

    Buy Natural Premium Quality Aromatherapy - Indigo Botanicals Hand crafted Aromatherapy range - Try our Destress & Unwind Blend for body, bath and room.

  • thyme products | indigo herbs

    Thyme Products | Indigo Herbs

    Buy Thyme Products from Indigo Herbs - Thyme Leaf Tea - Thyme Tincture - Thyme Essential Oil - Thyme Capsules. Free delivery on UK orders over £45.

  • poppy products | indigo herbs

    Poppy Products | Indigo Herbs

    Buy Poppy Products from Indigo Herbs - Organic Poppy Seeds - Blue Poppy Seeds -White Poppy Seed Oil. Free delivery on UK orders over £45.

  • lemon balm products | indigo herbs

    Lemon Balm Products | Indigo Herbs

    Buy Lemon Balm Products from Indigo Herbs - Lemon Balm Tincture - Lemon Balm Herbal Tea - Lemon Balm Capsules - Lemon Balm Teabags - premium quality pharmacoepial grade herbs. Free delivery on orders over £45.

  • cinnamon - powder - essential oil

    Cinnamon - Powder - Essential Oil

    Buy Cinnamon Powder - Cinnamomum Zeylanicum - Spice from Indigo Herbs - Cinnamon Powder - premium quality pharmacoepial grade spices.

  • pine products | indigo herbs

    Pine Products | Indigo Herbs

    Buy Pine Products from Indigo Herbs - Organic Pine Nuts Kernels - Pine Resin Incense - Pine Needles incense - premium quality 100% natural pure botanical ingredients. Free delivery on UK orders over £45.

  • the dōterra story our mission - pdf

    THE dōterra Story OUR Mission - PDF

    The collection includes: Lavender essential oil Lemon essential oil Peppermint essential oil Three 5 ml bottles $34.00 retail $25.50 wholesale 16 PV Peppermint Mentha piperita Add one or two drops to a favorite smoothie recipe for a…